The Fascinating Story Behind Indianapolis' Nickname 'Naptown'

In the 1920s, African-American artists and musicians began referring to Indianapolis as Naptown. This informal conversation emphasized the fourth syllable of the city's name, the most prominent one. It is an interesting story that has been passed down through generations and is still used today. The Indianapolis Star recently published an article about the history of this nickname and why it has become so popular.

According to the article, the nickname was first used in the 1920s by African-American artists and musicians. It was seen as a way to express their pride in their city and to show their connection to it. The nickname has been used ever since, and it has become a part of the city's identity. It is often used in a positive way, as a way to show pride in the city and its culture.

It is also used in a more lighthearted way, as a way to poke fun at the city's slower pace of life. The nickname has been embraced by many people in Indianapolis, including local businesses and organizations. The Indianapolis Motor Speedway even uses it in its official logo. The nickname has become so popular that it is now used by people all over the world when referring to Indianapolis.

The story behind the nickname 'Naptown' is an interesting one that has been passed down through generations. It is a reminder of the city's rich history and culture, and it is a source of pride for many people who live there. Whether you are a native or just visiting, it is worth learning more about this fascinating story.

Rickie Koning
Rickie Koning

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