What is the best area to live in indianapolis?

What Indianapolis may lack in public transportation, it easily makes up for in areas that are friendly to foot traffic. With just 150,000 residents under one million, the capital of Indiana (and the surrounding suburbs) has much more to offer than the assumption that there are only cornfields and basketball. Let's start with dessert because, trust me, once you try Cake Bake Shop, you'll probably never leave dessert for your last course again. Located on Carrollton Avenue, just off the main street, you can easily access the Parisian-inspired pastry shop from almost anywhere in the Broad Ripple area.

While the price of a glass of wine and a piece of heaven (errr, cake) may cost you a little more than a cone at the local ice cream shop, it's worth the splurge. Try the marshmallow cake with peanut butter and banana and you won't regret it. If you're in the mood for a light and delicious lunch filled with seasonal ingredients and unique recipes, Blu Moon Café is your place. This quirky restaurant is located in the heart of the Carmel's Arts & design district, located inside the Indiana Design Center.

Whether you choose breakfast or lunch, your palate will be thrilled to find a new dish on the menu almost every time you visit it. Order the lunch plate with a trio of salads and try all the freshest products on offer. Blu Moon specializes in panini sandwiches and the BLT is a must try. Combine it with the sweet potato and black bean salad and your stomach with gratitude.

Don't forget the dessert that homemade Ding Dongs die for. Use the Indy Bike Share to explore space and enjoy the city's history, such as Stout Shoe Store, the country's oldest shoe store (founded in 188). The nightlife is second to none, with dozens of bars along the street. Go easily from place to place and have your non-local friends take advantage of the ample parking (free on Sundays).

No matter where you live in Indy, make sure it's a neighborhood that fits your lifestyle (walk-able or not). According to In Your State, the best place to live in Indianapolis is Lockerbie Square. This historic district in downtown Indianapolis is one of the oldest parts of the city. It's an aesthetically appealing place to live, and it's also perfect for accessing all the city's amenities and attractions.

Therefore, residents can enjoy a combination of attractive property with a convenient lifestyle. Plus, it's a relatively affordable option, as both home prices and the cost of living are below average, which is an unusual statement for such a desirable area. If you've decided to move to Indianapolis, you've made a great choice. However, before you pat yourself on the back, you'll want to do some research about where in the city you're going to live in.

There are lots of great areas to choose from and we've compiled our list of the 10 best areas to live in the city.

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