What Time Zone is Indianapolis In?

Most of the state of Indiana is in Eastern Time, but some of the most populated parts of the state are in Central Time. This can be confusing for residents when they travel within the state or try to watch a broadcast from Indianapolis. In 1985, the Indiana General Assembly passed Senate Concurrent Resolution 6, which called on the USDOT to move five southwestern Indiana counties (Posey, Vanderburgh, Warrick, Spencer and Gibson) from the Central Time Zone to the Eastern Time Zone. This officially placed 80 of the 92 counties in Indiana in Eastern Time.

Despite this, several counties in eastern Indiana (Ohio and Dearborn Counties, near Cincinnati; and Floyd, Clark and Harrison Counties, near Louisville) chose to unofficially observe Daylight Saving Time, despite Indiana law. The debate over which time zone to observe in Indiana is ongoing. Supporters of Daylight Saving Time and a common time zone in Indiana often assert that Indiana must adopt the Eastern United States timing system to preserve interstate business with that region. But this has yet to be resolved.

So if you're considering living in Indianapolis, you should be aware that there are multiple time zones within the state of Indiana.

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